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Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) - Fundamentals


Participants of this training course will learn, in details, how to use Enterprise Architect, the award winning modeling tool produced by Sparx Systems.

Objectives & Learning Outcomes   Duration
As a result of taking this course, the participants will understand and be able to:
  • Accurately use Enterprise Architect for modeling, diagramming and editing modeling elements using different notations such as UML, BPMN as well as Data Modeling constructs
  • Perform several additional tasks with Enterprise Architect, covering topics such as Prototyping, Code Engineering (Code Generation, Reverse and Synchronization) and Database  Engineering (Database Model Generation, Reverse and Synchronization),

  • Use Sparx Enterprise Architecture features to produce high quality models and documentation as well as publishing models and model information using EA's powerful documentation generation resources
  2 days (16 hours)

Business architect,Business analyst, System analyst, Project manager, Software architect, Software designer, Developer, Test analyst and any other roles interested in learning how to use EA

Course Outline   Prerequisites

Note: This training course is solely focused on understanding and practicing EA's features. If you are looking for a UML training using EA for exercises, please check our OOAD training here, and if you are looking for other subjects, please consult our complete training portfolio.

Introduction Best Practices Beyond Analysis  

Enterprise Architect (EA) features & usage overview

  • Traceability: linking Requirements to Use Cases to Classes
Online Training (live, instructor-led)

EA's Fundamentals

  • Testing x Requirements and Use Cases in EA
  in-company Training
  • Understanding EA's User Interface

  • Working with Prototypes in EA
  • What is a project in EA

Object Oriented Design & UML in EA   Tips & Insights
  • General Modeling: creating diagrams, elements and organizing items under packages
  • Adding Design details to Class Diagrams
  This training course can be customized to meet your specific needs, such as: SysML, Business Process Simulation, UML for Real Time and/or Embedded Software Systems Modeling.
To do so, please contact us
EA for Business Modeling and Requirements
  • Sequence Diagrams for Use Case Realization

  • Business Modeling features and resources in EA
  • Adding Design Patterns to Class Diagrams
  • Creating BPMN diagrams in EA
  •  EA's features for Source Code Engineering (Code Generation, Reverse Engineering and Synchronization)
  • Defining Requirements in EA
  • Activity Diagrams at Design Level

EA for UML Modeling Data Modeling with EA
  • Creating Use Case Models
  • Creating Data Models from scratch and based on Class Diagrams Transformation
  • Defining Actors and Use Cases
  • Database Schema Generation
  • The UML Class Diagram in EA

  • Database Reverse Engineering
  • Defining Classes and Relationships
Reporting & Publishing    
  • Defining Atributes and Operations
  • Understanding EA's different resources for Documenting and Publishing
  • Understanding Activity Diagrams
  • Creating a Custom Report (RTF-based)
  • Publishing a HTML Model

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