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For customers that rely heavily on Atlassian tools such as JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, JIRA Service Desk amongst others, OAT Solutions provides the Diamond Level Support, a distinguished Technical Support with a series of exclusive benefits:


  Being part of Atlassian Ecosystem since 2009 makes a difference: OAT Solutions has a team of experienced consultants and already assisted hundreds of organizations from all sizes and industries as customers.

With that in mind, the Diamond Level Support provided by OAT Solutions is designed to fit different needs but with one common goal: to ensure quicker, assertive and cost-effective assistance on Atlassian tools.

Below is an outline of the  Diamond Level Support scope and benefits: 

  • Specialized Technical Support provided through telephone,email and communication tools (such as HipChat, Skype, GotoMeeting, Hangout), covering doubts on usage, configuration and setup/administration
  • SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to ensure that the first interaction for email-based tickets occurs under 04 (four) hours from the ticket creation (during business days and hours), and custom-defined SLAs to cover non-business hours
  • Unlimited ticketing (No limits or constraints regarding volume/amount of tickets)
  • Free Access to the E-learning course ‘JIRA Fundamentals’
  • Exclusive Consulting Services included, ranging from 08 (eight) to 40 (fourty) hours per month (accumulative up to 3 consecutive months) executed by a Support Engineer focusing on configuration, setup/administration or other general concerns and improvements
  • Dedicated Customer Portal with dashboards for tracking and management
  • 01 (one) to 4(four) Free entries per month, (non accumulative), for all training courses related to the Atlassian products, according to the number of users/licenses covered by the Technical Support contract/agreement
  • Free Access to workshops and webinars conducted by OAT Solutions, entitling 1 participant for each 50 licences covered by the Technical Support contract with the customer Special rates for customer employees wishing to enroll on any training courses offered by OAT Solutions, with a guaranteed 25% discount over flat-prices
  • Free Access to additional supporting materials especially created by OAT Solutions
  • Special rates for customer employees wishing to enroll on any training courses offered by OAT Solutions, with a guaranteed 25% discount over flat-prices








The Diamond Level Support pricing is based on the number of licensed users entitled to support, which in turn, is directly related to the number of users licensed by Atlassian. Considering JIRA tiers for example and reference, the Diamond Level Support pricing is:
User tier Dedicated Hours
 (per month)
Free entries
(per month)
Monthly Annual
10 - 50 04 01 475 4,845
100 08 01 850 8,670
250 16 01 1,250 12,750
500 24 02 1,700 17,340
2,000 28 02 2,100 21,420
10,000 32 03 2,600 26,520
10,000+ 40 04 3,200 32,640

For more information and a Services Proposal, as well as if you would like to adjust any of the features above please contact us.

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