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CLEVER represents the belief of OAT Solutions regarding the approach that people, processes and IT tools must embody in order to survive the test of time and ensure the pursuit for continuous improvement along the delivery of high business value:
CLEVER is an approach rather than an 'out-of-the-box' methodology, or set of tools or processes.
A team's journey towards a CLEVER transformation starts with an Assessment focusing the current status and goals of the Team/Organization
The assessment is conducted by an expert consultant using different techniques such as interviews, observation and data collection and allows the establishment of a Baseline for improvement and Organizational Transformation.
Based on a commongly agreed scope, the Assessment is followed by an Action Plan which will be executed iteratively.

As part of the execution, OAT provides consultants and instructors according to the different skills and capabilities involved with the transformation project.
The CLEVER Components are a key success factor and, likewise, a differential in terms of obtaining engagement and sponsorship along the journey:
  People   Processes   Tools  
  CLEVER.Pessoas   CLEVER.Processos   CLEVER.Ferramentas  

Human-performed activities in software development are second to none in complexity and importance.
CLEVER focuses on training, mentoring and mindset transformation as critical success factors for any team to make sure that the essential capabilities are incorporated and practiced towards continuous improvement.

As simple as possible, but not simpler: processes in practice are at the core of CLEVER and cover main disciplines/subjects such as Requirements, Design, Development and Testing, amongst others.

Powerful tools on top of good processes enable qualified professionals to unleash their full potential. CLEVER encompasses highly recognized as best-in-class tools, yet affordable, so that every team can deliver better software, sooner.  
Since 'having the right mindset' plays a decisive role in terms of adoption and continuity, our approach emphasizes the Human support through training and mentoring/coaching, generating true confidence and decreasingly dependancy in regards to OAT's consultants team.
If you are interested in learning more about OAT's CLEVER approach and how your team can benefit from a winning agile transformation, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your goals and cooperate!
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